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The night was dark and full of mysteries. The night was quiet and even the buzz of a fly could be heard. But just as all household were asleep within the GAHA capital the forest was not.

Quick steps made way and the snapping of twigs could be heard. Mumblings and whispers.

A group of women dressed up carried a big sack and walked hurriedly. With a loud tamp the bag was slammed on the ground hard as a scream erupted from within the sack.It was opened hurriedly to reveal a woman in all mourning white bleeding from both head and nose with wounded lips. "You wench"the feeble lady screamed out as she was slapped across the face by one of the ladies. She glared at them and scoffed."Indeed when the cat is gone the mice dance." the lady said as the other woman was ready to give another slap to her face.

"Stop right there"the order came from behind the lot. They all turned and bowed. They prostate themselves to the ground."Your majesty"they all said in unity. The person been addressed wore only a plain black robe and black cloak."Anybody to physically assault her will be beheaded"her majesty said. She gave a gentle smile to the bleeding lady on the ground. How is Her young highness Sufeng Leilang doing??"she addressed the lady on the ground who did not respond but only glared at her.The hatred that built itself in ones heart was not even comparable with burning fire.But she did not stop talking.

"Twenty years of been with his majesty sacrificing everything but getting nothing. No honour. No child. No love."she emphasised on the love part."You were just a tool." ones heart was wounded deep. "The virgin consort. The rotten apple"She whispered to her ears as she stabs her right in the guts. A gasp is heard as her majesty does nothing more than twist the knife within her."I love you. At least you should hear those words from someone. I love you because you secured my position and power."she whispered yet again into the consorts ears. She pulled away from her but not after hearing curses from Consort Sufeng.

"Hang her"she ordered as she walked away with delight. Consort Sufeng was pulled as a rope was tied around her neck.

"UK...UK..."she was struggling to say but then she was hanged. She could still see him from a distance in his royal sky blue robes. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered him. That day when she was still the emperors woman at that time. She could still remember how he held her against himself.

"Be mine."He pleaded. "Come with me."

"Am the emperors woman"She had answered him.

"I do not care. Come with me. Am going to war. Walk with me and we shall return to take the throne. I shall make you happy. I love only you."He pleaded that day. Yet she had objected.

"After the war. We shall be"She had meant it. But she never knew he would never come back to her. The emperor married him off. And within the week that followed the emperor beheaded him on basis of treachery. Even tears could not make up for anything.

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