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Manager Pei:Commander Sufeng. You.....here?

Manager Pei. A man of utmost virtue. A scholarly person known among many. A blessed and cursed man. Banned to the dark worlds. A man who will lay his life for the WangFu sat down completely perplexed at the sudden visit. Any type of visit will do. But fromA cold person as such? A person known to have a strong mind and temperament. It was as though he was looking at Sufeng Hwang. In fact he was feeling the same excitement,comfort and insecurity just as when he had met that9 little firecracker. A name his wife has come to call the little girl.

Sufeng Chi:Why?? Was manager Pei expecting someone else?

Sufeng Chis only purpose of coming to such a place below his status was very simple. To clear out all traces related to his younger sibling. Since going one has always known that Ones sister had a strong character and calm personality and could see through many things. But whatblindedthis person and made him not to like this sibling of his was simple. She was too good. Her heart was too pure and wished good to everyone. A weakpointthat anyone couldeasily exploit. This has even gone as far that a year ago Prince Arch upon hearing this from many sources of her great heart of kindness and that was talked about practically everywhere and praised found her to be foolish ,immature and unappealing. He had frowned on such behaviour. But since the day Sufeng Hwang had woken up after her savage fall from that cursed horse and had been reprimanded by Mother Bai,something seems to have changed. Her personality as a whole. To go as far as to see through the royal plans? Even he who knew,had to stand back after delivering this exact plan to Prince Arch who had said to stand down. He had plans for him. Kill Prince Hu first . Solution later. He was a straight forward person but who knew that two headsare better than one? Sufeng Qui with sewing discord and him having the eliminAtion idea. Sufeng Hwang had thought of both their ideas and executed it. She didn't hold back. Something he shouldn't have.

Sufeng Hwang this brother is very proud of you. He thought to himself .

That was why. This had to be done. If ever someone else were to notice these changes. God knows the future.

Manager Pei:That IS not the case. It is just that one knows. That I and General Sufeng do not get so on a paper. Much in relation . That is why.

Sufeng Chi :Ayo Ayo tsk. Uncle how could I not visit? That would truly be disrespectful. And who said you could not be on same paper? We both strive for the good of Zhang empire....tsk anyways. One has only come to answer a question you askd me.

Sips his tea casually.

​​Manager Pei : A question?

No matter how he tried he could not help than to sweat. First Prince Arch who came giving him a warning. And now a Sufeng? How did he get into all this mess? According to the Prince people were on his trace. You actedrecklessly. Though he had praised. He had also warn. But here wa

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