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Hello dear readers we just wanted to say we've realized there has been some mistakes on countries . Example :Wang empire to Zhang Empire by default . So we decided to end it all on Xiao kingdom or empire .

Sorry for late update.

Sufeng Hwang did not need to ask where she was to be aware of the fact that she was in Yan Shi Palace . Personally renamed by the crown prince himself after Prince Arc had refused the offer. And if he was to accept who knew if he'd still be alive ? Might as well count it as premature death . Everyone will mourn and that was it. Thinking of that her heart trembled. Was her body found in her past life? Did anyone mourn for her? Was she buried properly ? Of course not. And that She was sure of. According to her .

Back to reality ,Sufeng Hwang could not take it. The person who's slender fingers brushed againsther skin made her feel cold. She was delighted by this person action . The outside world had turn dark and the temperature had dropped severely but this inner chamber was warm. But the cold that reached her did not affect the outside body,but the inside . Her heart . The person servicing her right now in servant clothing bathing her legs in warm water collected into a copper bowl was Ji Sun Li or Sun Li. As it is that this person has been deposed from their title for been the daughter of a traitor.

This person,as prince Hu daughter had tortured her in her past life . Using her title to harm her in many ways. Made her work until hands had grown callous . In this lifetime this prideful princess is washing her feet. If this is not satisfactory then what could be ? BUT these thoughts did not grow wings for Sufeng Hwang hatred was stronger than those prideful thinking.

Looking at her now Sufeng Hwang realized the subtle changes in Sun Li. She looked thinner. Her onces tanned skin looked pale as the cold winds of the Capital got to her or rather as she was not enjoying all the luxury she once did. No warm towel for the delicate golden hands,no comfortable room temperature ,no coat. Servant's aren't given such privileges unless their master was benevolent. Especially under the person she currently served. Her radiant face was gloomy and her doodle once adored eyes were now pulled into a sleepy frame. And with the lack of eyelashes ,and thin face and protruding jawline ,it was really a horrifying site. A living mummy. It took Sufeng Hwang all her might not to not only flinch by her touchbut also beat her to pulp.The real Sufeng Hwang was fighting to let loose .

"Her ladyShiphas arrived !!"A horrifying hoarse like pitch voice announced . Let us not talk about the people insides reaction . Even the ignorant birds took off at high speed. Really sounded like a strangled goat.

Wei GonGon this truly doesn't suits you. Ahhh

Sufeng Hwang lamented in her heart. Per tradition she stood up against her will and half bow to the totallyalluring figure. This person is known to be the crown prince woman . Or in proper

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