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A wounded lion is much more ferocious than any.


New year was before onesreach. Whilst the Emperor's health was an issue in general to everyone and the unfortunate events few days agoreally did stir up things, it couldn't be compared to the current situation.

Yes. Officials with the families maidens selected as possible royal consort were at the edge of their seatsbut Now So Were the princes. The Cold weather was a joke to how everyone felt at that instance. The atmosphere within the large dark wood room was suffocating the innocent souls under the pressuring silence. With heavy coats enveloping these youths bodygiving out a grand appearance, it was overshadowed by the looks on their faces and the clouds that floated.

"So.... "looking around the princes uncomfortably, Feng JiYan the eldest son Of the marquis Fengwith an attempt to break the silence got sixteen pair of eyes on himself. Placing a heavy Jug of wine he proudly gloated. "You're All very funny. Killing yourselvesover such matters"

Feng Ji Yan was your regular Elderly person. Been the Eldest of the group At twenty-two of age and these youths tutor, he felt it his duty to relieve their worries. Or rather his. Within the room facing off everyone seated at the top chair was the crown Prince. He wasn't a student of HabinJing so His appearance placed everyone on edge except a certain masked prince carrying an aloof and arrogant air will him.

If Ji Hua Lan was told he'd step a foot at this place, he'd not believe. His night was not peaceful at all. Having a strange dream, he kept seeing a woman in her early prime in an all white gown tainted in blood. Her skin was flawless and had a slender body that looked a little meaty and fresh off spring water. Her hair was ebony black and flowed like an endless River. Her face was unrecognisable as it was blood tainted. This person kept repeating his name. The dream was in a scene of blank colourless world as though they were the only one alive.And then he saw himself been swallowed by the world of darkness. And then the dream changed to avery different woman in all black And she wore the phoenix crown on. And right below her were dead bodies of more people than he'd seen in his life. And Right behind her he saw a man. His hands tightened around her throat but he himself had a sword piercing through him. He could notmake out the people. But Right Below these two dragons was the very woman dressed in white. Repeating his name and saying phrases his mind could not capture. And then he jolted awake with A piercing pain in his guts. It was so painful and real that he forgot about the dream at first. But Remembered It later thatnight when it occurred over and over. Waking up with that pain. Conclusion. Someone Cursed him. And then having to wake up fatigued with dark circles only to get a news that sent shivers down his spine. He Couldn't take it and decided to take a stroll outside the palace but Only found himself been pulled

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