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The news of the beheading of the Emperors most loved woman travelled like wild fire in the entire Zhang Empire. Even the neighbouring Empires could not help but be surprised. An emperor who is ready to rip out his own heart is even more dangerous than a General on the battlefield. After all a wounded lion is much dangerous than any. The Entire Wang Capital was covered in a white veil. Snow had fallen heavily throughout the night. As such the weather was colder than usual. But yet right within the Sufeng household a window was left open to let in the chilly air. Sat at a table with two cup of tea,a kettle and a chess board. Two females both clad differently Sat facing each other. On one hand was a female with a light pale skin clad in an all black. Her hair was plainly brushed back with a simple white ribbon whilst the second female was clad in an all blue hanfu,with a skin that seemed to turn tan and golden hair accessories. These two females were none other than Sufeng Hwang and UK Seung. No one spoke of the other days events or how it came to be that Sufeng Hwang came home injured. Not a single soul outside Sufeng Hwang room was aware of her injuries and not even UK Seung who Sat so close to Sufeng Hwang.

"Is sister Hwang losing intentionally??"this question was asked by UK Seung. For the forth time Sufeng Hwang had been defeated by UK Seung. And this seem not to bother her at all.

"It is barely a game. No need". Sufeng Hwang looked at UK Seung. Her face and eyes were back to that little innocent girl. That cute adorable girl with a clear mindset.

"One has not expected thee to mourn."She said referring to Sufeng Hwang black robes. Her fingers brushed against the tip of her cup as she leaned back. Her posture been accurate and perfect.

"One is not mourning. One is avoiding the Cold." Her words made no sense to UK Seung. Avoiding the Cold. Yet leaving the windows open. No matter how cold UK Seung was. She dared not show it. Blending is safety.

Sufeng Hwangs mind went back to Prince Hus household. For the past hours she had asked herself how she felt seeing them bathed in their own blood.

"How did younger sister feel."these words were spoken by Sufeng Qui as soon as she was brought back. For that question she knew not the answer. But one thing she knew deep within was that she felt good. But she felt bad. She knew something was not right. And she knew that something was changing within her. But for what was wrong she had not the answer. Sufeng Hwang looked back at UK Seung who had a meaningful gaze on her. And did nothing more than to smile.

Sufeng Qui and Sufeng Chi looked at the duo that Sat facing each other.

"This friendship is not advisable."Sufeng Chi spoke up to break the silence. Who didn't know this?? The Sufeng and UK family were like Fire and Ice. They never cross each other. And if they ever did,disaster was sure to occur. These two brothers who looked alike in their own way secretly for the past hours have been spying on their youngest sibling.

"I do not know what i fear."Those words were not what Sufeng Chi expected as an answer but he knew what he meant. For he had seen it. He had seen the vicious look on his sisters face. He had seen her gaze of satisfaction. He had seen a face he had only seen once on thy own father.

A deafening cry erupted throughout the entire room as a body was thrown to the ground and stood hovering over it with blood stained hands was Great Prince Arc. His jaw was clenched and his eyes were much darker than usual. His newly white robe was blood stained. His mask was off revealing his handsome features. Thick eyebrows furrowed together,thin-oval-sharp eyes. Perfectly sculptured nose and pale lips. Strong jaw with defined line marks.

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"You needed not kill him."a masculine yet soft voice said with calm. Seated up on Great Prince Arc silver throne was Sufeng Yin. Prince Arc paid no attention to him and went o

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