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Hatred is an emotion so strong that it doesn't just destroys us but everyone arond us.It takes away our life,time,friends and family.And all this Sufeng Hwang knew it too well.During her time in the palace she saw how other consorts reaped each other out.Hatred was the basis of all. Control was what helped her to survive. Control guided her.Never will she have fallen if she had not been stabbed by the two people she least expected. Her husband and her best friend. And currently looking at her. It was like a deja vu. This was how their friendship started but it wasn't full of hatred as of now. She wished she could rip her out. Limb after limb. But Sufeng Hwang expression did not change at all. Her eyes were clear and her face showed only a thin line of smile that barely reached her eyes but still meaningful. UK Seung was a little taken aback and was confused but simply covered it up.

"Young lady Sufeng knows me??"She asked with her little voice. She took cautious steps towards Sufeng Hwang.

"Of course thee is the daughter of Prime Minister UK. How will one not know you!?? One has heard from mother how talented you are."Sufeng Hwang sweet talked her. It worked for UK Seung brushed her fingers delicately against her cheeks and flushed.

"Sufeng Hwang must be joking."UK Seung said in a shy manner as she procured herself a fan.

"One thus not joke. Really do i wish to befriend you"UK Seung jumped at Sufeng Hwang words and hugged her."Why just be friends?? Lets be best friends. Together we fit perfectly. The Prime Minister daughter and the great General daughter a perfect match." Typical Sufeng Hwang thought. This was it. Keep a close friendship. As the saying goes keep your friends close keep your enemies closer. Sufeng Hwang face was plain and showed sincerity but her eyes were so clear that it showed no sign of emotions. As if one was mind clear.

"Ah!!!The princes are coming.!!"it as a squealing cry from one of the girls. In within seconds Sufeng Hwang was been pulled by UK Seung towards the direction of the noise at he gate of HabingFao. Indeed these were considered the most handsome of all males within the Capital. Each was elegant and was very handsome. And with each prince that passed the girls will squeal even if they were not of their age.

But those prince were not really reason for the girls gathering. There was one more everyone was waiting for. And there he was coming over on his well dressed up white horse. It was none other than the Great Prince Arc. The sixteen year old prince was one of the few who were legitimate to the throne. He was always different from the other prince. He was clad in an all black and his colour and sleeves were golden embroidery. His posture was majestic. But what even made him more godly handsome is the mask on his face. Already he was reputed for his beauty with the mask on. What will happen if he takes it off. One fears heaven will break lose. For such a god on earth. His hair was brushed back and tide up with a golden ribbon. His face was expressionless. His eyes roamed through the crowd looking at the beautiful faces.

Sufeng Hwang was looking at him as well. Indeed he was handsome but who knew he was even more when he grew up. But Sufeng Hwang heart tightened and a flow of pain shot through her. She had guessed she will meet him. But not so soon. And then it happened. Their eyes locked. He heart jolted in pain looking at him and her hand shook. And for a split seconds his eyes emotions changed but it disappeared just as soon as it came and he turned his head back towards his destination. Her hands lowered down as her heart sank. With eyes lowered she turned and left the scene as other princes followed behind.

Arc Prince did not see it coming. During his little survey nothing captured his attention but those eyes. They looked at him and were full of pain. As though one was hurting. It left him confused and thinking. He had never met that lady for him to say he had ca

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