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"Bik Bi? Who is that?" Prince Arch asked nonchalantly looking back as cold as before . This person was odd. No matter how many days Ji An An had lived with this person,he could not fanthom him.

One second he was cold,then warm,then aloof,then playful ,then gentle,then vicious. His faces were many and even if he was just four years old,growing up under his mother's wing,with the scheming consort mothers, and having to be thought early to be careful,he could easily point out his not an easy person to deal with. Thinking this he could not help to fear for his crush . He gave a look to Sufeng Yin as though he was scared and lowered his head bashfully .

"Stop scaring the poor kid will you? You will never have kids at this point." Sufeng Yin glared at his Friend before feeding another spoon to the red face potato before teasing"is that your little sweetheart?"

Turning reddder,the little Potato nodded quietly.

Prince Arch features softened as he removed his mask completely looking down at his younger sibling ,his Phoenix eyes dark and deep but holding a thin line of gentleness in them. On his left eye was an ugly scar dividing his eye into two and this eye had a lighter shade of brown nonetheless it was in perfect par with the looks of the unmarked eye.

"Is that why you wanted to go? To meet your love?" His voice was gentle and sweet lighting up the little potato's world but his words only turned the little boy redder. Ahhhhh blood was getting to his head. His hand gently stroke his head . Seeing this show of affection ,Sufeng Yin scoffed his heart rate returning slowly to its normal pace.

"Huh? Oh no... No nononono that's not the....." Sufeng Yins blood went up again his heart beating. KID!!!!!!

"Huh? Not so? Then what?" Prince Arch asked with a rather gentle tone which did not match his look. Like a cold red brimming iron.

"Ah ha.... Ahaha he he he your highness shouldn't ask Something like that. You might embarrass him" Sufeng Yin cut in leaning in to An An widening his eyes in an intimidating manner. An An gave him a blank look before turning to Prince Arch like looking flustered.

"No nono Don't misunderstand me!!!!!!" An An practically shouted out.

"Hehe no ñeed to talk just eat we understand!!" Sufeng Yin said nervously attempting to pull Prince Arch who only glared at him.

"I don't understand." Prince Arch replied before freeing his arm away. He knew he was going to get the answer that kept him long. A person who's trace he had lost surprisingly to himself.

"Yes!!! The other day I met her...." An An begun?

"Where?. . ." Prince Arch loaded questions on the little guy . Who only sighed dramatically waving his arms in the air in a dismissive manner like those female imperial wives.

"Ahhhhh this is our queue... Let's give him some space he?" Sufeng Yin cut in before An An could speak up. He was acting odd.

Even Ji An An could see it. Squinting his eyes he glared at him.(Creep!)

Sufeng Yin felt an invisible sword Pierce through him and coughed anxiously.

"Let him talk!!!" Prince Arch said gravely before looking back at the confused Potato.

"Ah Yes... I met her the day of ....."

"Ah chooo" Sufeng Yin sneezed "sorry but hehehe let him be okay?"

"Sufeng Yin? What are you doing?" Prince Arch asked getting up and towering over Sufeng Yin.

"Yes .... You are acting Strange. What are you doing? " An An Asked but internally(his such a creep!!! Especially with his big bulging eyes. Why is he looking at me like that? Monster!!!!!! Brother kick him out!")

Without a word And a sharp push ,Sufeng Yin found himself right in snow and jumped up in shock and screaming .

"Cold Cold Cold Cold Cold!!!!!!" With a loud bang he heard the window been shut . Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Sufeng Yins deafening scream rang through the entire manor. "You Tyrant it's freeziñg. At least give me my cloak!!!!" Sufeng Yin jumped on his toes dancing in the snow to warm himself up.

*Creak* *swoosh* his cloak w

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