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An emperor is like a strong great wall holding strong tides from different directions. So what happens when the emperor is absent? It becomes complete chaos. While the palace is in this manner,outsiders are unaware. What is or who are the leaders of the Zhang Empire? The Wang Family. Who are the Wang Family?The Wang Family are the royal family consisting of two fractions holding in and pulling the reigns of the dragon throne.The WangJi who are currently in Power and the WangFu whom are by count of direct lineage from the first house from the Wang Family tree are legitimate to the throne.

And who are those who help in the running of this empire? A bunch of useless,useful greedy ministers. Of which only few are loyal to their country. Even so everyone has his little gains and fears. Minister UK been absent as an envoy of the Emperor to pass a treaty with the Liu Kingdom,and General Sufeng who have moved to the southwest of Zhang to Hold back a bunch of stubborn moleheaded barbaric members of Zhen tribe. One who has been bothering the empire. Everyone was taking chances at the slight news of the Emperors downfall. The forbidden city. A place where people of different classes assemble together like a colony of ant. A perfect place for a spy. Nonetheless it wasn't something Sufeng Hwang was not aware of.

The Zhen tribe was just a little plaything of a pawn. To test the strength of a country. Daring to attack a weak point. A place which was less guarded. Not like it could affect the capital. A trivial matter.

Sufeng Hwang looked up the great gate that was been opened. Ever since the Emperors downfall,this gates that were mostly opened and guarded were closed on practically daily basis. She could still picture herself the first time she came here. She was already nearing her seventeens of a lifetime. And the Emperor was another person all together. She was used as a servant until he was pushed over. And replaced only then did she find peace. A peace that announced the calm before the storm. Her steps were calm like a person walking on sky. She knew in a way that she would someday step a foot in here. But not this way. She knew by the time to come she would be ready.

Was she ready. If Sufeng Hwang was to say that she was,then it'd be a big lie. She was not ready to go back to hell.

The crown prince sat at his side of his designated throne and watched the Noron and Soron bickering. Indeed it was entertaining. On the outside this Prince was the most opened minded with a good heart and calm mind who desired peace. But within he was one who did not care. His fathers health could mean less to him. It only meant the throne was within his grasp. A selfish son indeed. Lately one has felt bitter but did not show.

Prince Hus death did affect him. Prince Hu and Minister UK were his greatest backing. Not that he didn't have many people on his side. It was just that those people were dim to his eyes. He missed a clear chance of getting rid of the Sufeng. But then anyways.

He looked to the identical throne that stood not far at his left.

"Indeed that brat has missed another assembling"he thought to himself(referring to prince Arch). His sworn rival. He sighed dramatically with a pitiful stare from his eyes.

"Silence!!!!!"Regent Milan. Prince Arch uncle ordered. His golden embroidered black hanfu with the hanging Fox coat made him look giant and fearsome.

"Regent in his magestys absence you are his mind and knows best when it comes to this situation. Do tell me,is it right what her Majesty is doing?"A Noron member said. Invitation of the maidens into the palace was one. Especially Sufeng lings daughter in his absence. This was bad. Secondly using the Emperors name as a form of decreeing an order of firing a long chain of officials. Almost 60%been Noron of meaningful positions.

"Stop your whining. The empress is benevolent. She has only cleared out the dirty pests"a Soron member said.

"You little...."

"You are

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