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He Lied!!

$ufeng Le Ye felt relieved at his sister not pressuring him. He was not the talkative nor argumentative type,thus lying mostly was a difficulty task for him. Especially if it was to lie to number twelve. Sufeng Hwang.

Looking at the blank sky and Leaving Sufeng Hwang in her own world,he unconsciously cursed the royal family .

TOday ,he was supposed to take a break after his long week of medical training . Having a personal teacher. Who knew that a certain masked prince would come that morning to steal away his cookies ,and not only that threatening to kill if not diagnose his health,and when he was relaxed and taking a nap this afternoon a certain Ji Hua Lan appeared to drag him to the Emperor's bed.

Looking gloomy he could still remember his earlier patient pulse and subsequently frowned. He could have told his friend the cause but refrain from doing so. His Father wasn't around and the Emperor neither,nor minister Uk. This was a clear opening to wipe out and this was what Empress Zhang has attempted .

Sufeng Hwang may be young but she comes from a prominent ,millitary,noble ,well to do family of General Generation. If she was to be married to the crown prince ,best position will be Empress and less will be imperial Consort of First Rank. Already a danger to Empress Zhang since she was from opposing fraction. Second,even if not so,if she was to marry any prince in direct ascension to the throne that would be pushing the crown prince to a Cliff. Especially if that prince was Fu. Which according to Sufeng Le Ye was unlikely . But the royal family do not allow a "but" rather a "will".

And digging into his memory the most likely person who wanted to push over the Sufeng was Prince Hu who was already dead. Thinking about all this dangers, Sufeng Le Ye felt it safe that he kept his mouth shut. No need to drag more people into this. Calamity has been avoided once. No need for another . For all he knows,his friendship with Ji Hua Lan may just be words and no action. The royal family are one to always push others in front and watch from the back.

Thinking of that he remembered the angry impulsive tiger that was waiting for them at home. And felt self pity. His eyes gleaming ,he wondered about the health of the two unfortunate people that have followed his father to this battle field and a mischievous smile crept unto his face making him look sinister .

In a quiet large manor located furthest away from the Palace,a young man in white stood by the window looking into nothingness with his hair left loose flowing with the winter wind. A heavy coat draped over shoulders making one look rather muscular from behind. WIth mask off,his growing features were outstanding but hidden in the shadows by the moonless sky,making one to see only his frame from afar.

"Wangjie....."a hoarse voice from particularly no where sounded within the room. It was really dark to see with no candle light.

"I see. Looks like i was right.

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