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Dajing is the only place within the Wang Province and the only place in Zhang Empire that life has no end. From dawn till dark life buzzes through this part of the Capital. The Sun was really high up and snow has not fallen since morning. Right up a lake stood a man clad in a very simple none official hanfu. This male was none other than Manager Pei. He looked at the distance and could only think. His job was done the rest was in the hand of destiny. It has been days since he has seen the Sufeng daughter. As promised a day after her visit a maid has delivered to him four pieces of gold turtles. Indeed one wanted this done with effectiveness. But he could not help to think of whoever was behind this little girl. For a second he had considered General Sufeng but brushed it off.(editor:Seriously they wanna keep this up?? Me:You don't say.).

"My lord have you heard??"He turned around to look at his wife clad in all purple walking towards him. She was a beauty. She was tan. With little eyes and plumpy lips and a short height. He walked to his wife as he bend to kiss her stomach. "How is my champion??"He asked her as she laughed down at him. "He is fine. My lord. Please stay out of political matters."she said the last part sadly."Remember what happened to your brother. You must not involve. General Sufeng is pulling you."With that been said he stood up with anger and turned to the water."I was just five years when i saw my entire family go to ruin. I saw it all. And i was powerless. This is revenge. With the Sufeng family by my side nothing will stop me."He half screamed out. His eyes were bloodshed. "Hatred destroys. Sufeng Ling cares only about his family. When things goes down he will allow you to drown."His wife spoke to him softly as he placed her hands on his shoulders. "You are a Sufeng yourself. Yet you speak so?? Your brother is different from him. And has nothing to do with this. No father sends their child on a battlefield."She removed her hands from his shoulders at his words and went to sit down."Does great Prince Arc know this??"She asked him. He simply shook his head and replied"Will do so later. The most difficult has been done. The rumors have been spread. It is just a matter of time till the storms gather."he gave a slight smile to his wife before kissing her. She was scared for him and he knew it. If anything happens to him. The last Pei. If he was gone it will be over. "Master!!! Master!!!!"a servant came running towards him"the young lady. The one from last time has come to visit"He was surprise and quickly taught to himself. The only reason she can be here is because something went wrong. No sooner had he taken a step forward than he saw Sufeng Hwang coming at him. With him and the wife were surprised at the speed which she was walking. As if she has ruined here. Indeed she has for right outside the household was Sufeng Hwang horse. "Young lady"Manager Pei has started than he replied whOMG he was looking at. The person be was

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