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Gaha capital city of the great Xiaoempire.The city of the highest nobility. A place inhabited by the officials of the highest order and of nobles of power. The city was bustling with life. The city vendors of the noble class had already installed for business. And already many young ladies were parading in the Capital in search for goods. After all diamonds are women bestfriend.

But not all females were getting ready to parade the market. Within the Sufeng household in the eastern courtyard,was seated a lady dressed up in a light blue coloured robe that hugged ones little frame. This was none other than Sufeng Hwang. Right beside her stood her two most loyal servants Chun Woo and Chun Wun. Both were dressed in servant coloured cloths clearly showing who was the master and who was the servant.

"Young lady Sufeng should go inside and wait. As soon as ones carriage arrives one will tell thee."Chun Woo said. But it only fell on deaf ears. Sufeng Hwang mind was somewhere else. Today was school. She could easily decide not to go as she was used to. But one really wanted see her face. Sufeng Hwang wanted to see her sworn enemy face. She wanted to see that face first before anyone else's. She wanted to remind herself the meaning of her existence. She was fidgeting. Her posture was straight and accurate. Indeed it paid to be trained in her past life. Her fingers played with one another as she thought of the many things she wished to do to her enemy. A dark shadow covered her features and even her servants had realised this. Ever since the meeting with Thy mother Bai Liu the maids have realised chances. She was less chatty and seemed to always be in deep thoughts. She barely even touched her food when she was served. And barely enquired on any matter. She was distant.

"Young lady thy carriage has arrived."Chun Wun said a little cheerfully. Right from the carriage descended Sufeng Yin. He was two years older than Sufeng Hwang. He was clad in an all Deep green and ones hair was brushed up and held in place by a male hairpin. He looked elegant and with much confident steps he walked over.

"Bik bi this brother of yours has come for you. Today i shall personally take you till class."He smiled as if there were no worry in the world. "Grateful to elder brother."A slight bow came from Sufeng Hwang. She was pulled into a tight hug which she returned.

"Today the weather is cold. Chun Wun get her her cloak first and then we leave."

The capital city was bustling with life. Carriages of different colours went in different directions. But not all carriages. On the Kiyan street,Six blue identical carriages followed behind each other. These carriages belonged to the Sufeng family. And within them were the eleven sons and only daughter of General Sufeng Ling. Right from behind followed other carriages but none of them had the family crest of the Sufeng family. These carriages stopped right in front of HabingFao. Nobles wearing the finest of clothes made of silk and best embroidery material made their way in. This was a school not for only nobles but also the royal family. Excepting the crown prince. It was always a beauty to see the Sufeng sons come in. Though they were of different lineage they still were of the same father. They were counted to be handsome and many times ladies will wish to just even for the slightest bit get their attention and a word from them. But this time their attention was not on the young males but on the young female that walked from behind. Though one was little and shorter than thy siblings,it didn't change the fact that she had stolen the dim light not only from thy brothers but also from other ladies. Her posture was accurate and looked so natural as if one for thy entire life has been so. Her blue robe only complemented her pale skin. She was not the most beautiful of all. But she was the most elegant with an air of majesty surrounding her. Her steps were slow but yet looked as though one was walking

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