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The air smelled old and dusty but the strong smell of roasted meat could be smelt all over. This dark room was barely illuminated by a torch. And clearly a woman in the finnest of golden black robe stood watching the burning flames. The person been burnt was consort Mei. Her screams echoed and bounced against the walls failing to reach the outside. And right at the corner slammed against a chair was the golden dragon looking like a boneless worm. He could not move neither could he talk. And this black clad female laughed whole heartedely as she saw his horrified expression.

"Husband. Do you see?? This wife is so dedicated to thee that one has taken to do well."And once again he laughter pierced through the cold air. Within a corner hidden well and curled up was the young prince that watched thy mothers end. An no matter how sad and tearful ones eyes were. This prince did not stir.

"Sufeng Ling. The man you and your brother have considered enemy has even put his life on the line to save thy brother. Such a pity that one has proven once again to be useless."The Empress said as she looked at her sick Emperor. A sickening smile grew on her face as she walked up to him and brought her face damn close to his.

"WangFi!!! This. This is just the beginning. Do you remember what you told me the first time i came into the palace to be your Empress??" she paused as she leaned in and kissed him biting his lip hard enough to cause bleeding. The man whimpered in pain."Do remember my love. For i shall make sure to fulfil it on thee."

She turned to her servants and ordered "Find that brat!!!!"

Sufeng Qui was glad of all events. He had cleared for himself to the top tree of success. All that one needed was patience. To wait for once price. Sufeng Chi was uninterested in political affairs. His aim was the field. Far from family. Free of charge. But it then in a way he was glad to protect his family. And had no motive behind it unlike Sufeng Qui.

Silence filled the air. And unlike every normal day thy windows were shut. Even after everything once heart was heavy. One thing she knew was that the emperor must be keeping his love safe. But in this the Empress was left without a scratch. And as such one could only think of consequences if the Empress were to ever come to know.

Warm water flowed down her petite frame as Chi Wun poured water on her.

"What is young lady thinking about??"Chi Woo asked as she brushed her mistress hair. Sufeng Hwang shook her head. A light smile appeared on her face. She was indeed beautiful. Deer like eyes with calm view,a little pointed nose with naturally pale lips and her jet black hair that flowed on her body and was left lose complemented her pale skin with such perfection.

"One is thinking of nothing at all"Her voice was soft and calm. And as she spoke both maids felt like an elderly grown aristocratic woman speaking to one. They liked this look on their lady. Lately she had not be sleeping and her leg has no been well. Her dark circles had faded over the days of peace. And the ruthless dark expression on ones face was replaced by a calm cute adorable face. That looked almost like that of a baby if not for the calm deer like eyes.

"What does young lady think elder young masters will get for young lady??"Chi Wun asked as she poured water once again over the delicate skin of their lady.

"Wun Ah!!!! How do you want our young lady to know?? She is no psychic. Now go fetch her towel"Chi Woo scolded her younger sister before sending her off. Sufeng Hwang gave a slight low laugh that lasted only for a second.

"What if one was to know??"Sufeng Hwang said throwing a glance to he maid.

The sun had risen in the sky over the Zhang Empire smiling brightly promising another day without snow. The capital was white and cold as it was that it had snowed in the night till day. The Sufeng blue carriage walked the streets of Gaha capital. And the person in a double sided cotton plain white coat s

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