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everyluck > Number twelve > 2 Rebirth
One felt at peace. Absolute silence. If this is death then indeed it is better than life.Yet one felt alive.The air was filled with soft fragrance of incense that brought ones heart to rest.Cold breeze that made its ways to ones cheek.One was alive."Sufeng Hwang!!!!!!"ones name was called with much anger as one eyes shot open. How could one not see.She was completely dumbfounded at the person she was looking at.The woman was dressed in an all red double plitted skirt on which she wore a black overcoat with floral embroidery. How could one not recognise thy own mother.Her hands trembled and her heart leaped . Her eyes were full of tears and in a soft movement and slow pace one moved thy body towards thy mother and touched her hands.Indeed it was no dream. Thy mother was right in front of oneself."Sufeng Hwang"this time thy name was called out softly as thy mother got worried. And with a swift movement one embraced thy mother as one wept.

"Hwang~er why are you crying. Has mother hurt thy feeling?? Please stop". The woman's voice was gentle and she held unto her child as much as her child held unto her. This mother could not help than to also feel emotional thus letting a tear to escape from ones eyes."Oh mother please forgive me. Forgive this wicked child of yours mother. Punish this daughter of yours for i have sinned mother"Her voice broke at the end of each word. She was really crying. Even thy mother was surprised for not once has one seen thy daughter cry. This mother was really confused and thought one was repenting for thy mistake earlier. But Sufeng Hwang was not repenting for that. The death of her mother was her own fault. Had she not left for the royal harem at a young age thy mother would have never gone back into the palace and fallen for cruel schemes. One has repented in thy earlier life. But in this lifetime she was not ready to let go of her mother and could do nothing more than snuggle more into thy mothers embrace.

"Hwang you are such a child. Why is one crying. Come on tell me."thy mother asked softly. She shook her head and replied"Sufeng Hwang loves mother. Sufeng Hwang promises to listen to mother."Thy mother was touched and as such could do nothing more than just kiss this child held."Bless you".

The door was opened in haste as a huge manly voice yet soft spoke up.

"Bai Liu we need to....Oh is this one of the mothers and daughter moment?? One shall come back in a while then."Barely has those words been said that one was engulfed in a tight hug. It was none other than Sufeng Hwang . Thy father was a tall heavy muscular person as such one was just barely by his waist. It was so fast that it left thy mother Bai Liu speechless. One moment she was in her embrace and the next she was hugging her father. Pulling her gently away thy father kneeled to her level.

"Who has hurt my Flower?? Tell me one will make him regret it."he spoke so softly. This love was what she had never really appreciated. She never returned thy feelings and was left dead in the world. Even if one has acted recklessly thy father in the earlier lifetime has stayed by ones side till one was no more. She was happy and glad to see him. She was back. She was been given a second chance to life and she was going to make good use of it. In this lifetime she shall clear a path for the Sufeng family. In this lifetime she shall become the pillar of thy family.

"One has elder brothers who can easily do that for this younger sister."Her answer surprised both parents but deep within ones heart one was content. With a swift hand thy father brushed his hand through thy own daughters hair.

"You have grown. One is really of this Sufeng daughter."His smile warmed not only daughter but mothers heart as well.

"That's enough my Lord. One is feeling emotional"Bai Liu said procuring a handkerchief for herself. A massive bustling was going on outside Bai Liu chambers and the noise was growing louder and drawing nearer. In a matter of seco

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