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The sun had barely risen than females clad in unity white and blue,pink and white,orange and white. This were the maids of the most beautiful place in the entire Zhang Empire.The royal servants. Maid to the royal family Within the female dragon palace. The empress palace. The most said to be luxurious and beautiful place after that of the emperor. The latterns were lit and right within the room of many vases and furnitures of the most luxurious designs seated at a round well carved table was the Empress. Many gold ornaments decorated her hair and she looked glorious in her golden Hanfu.

"Your Majesty he is here."At those words she stopped writing and looked up at the man dressed in all black with barely his face showing.

"Welcome. Here."She said as the man only bowed his head without a word. She handed him a letter and gave a slight smile that barely reached her eyes.

"This must be delivered. Do you understand."The Empress asked the man who only bowed once again. At the mans retrieve her face went wary as she stood up and paced.

"Your Majesty needs not worry."Her most trusted servant said.

"No. He is too dangerous. This news must never reach his majesty. This is my last chance."Visibly she was in full shock of panic. Her servant understood not the worry of the master but only that this will cost her life.

Right back outside the palace the Sufeng household was in chaos. Sufeng Hwang could not be found. All sons and servants ran in all directions. But yet she could not be found. This was because she was at the outskirts of the capital. She was at DaJing. The place where the sun never sets. The air smelled of smoke and alcohol and one only cringed at the scent. The room was warmer compared to the outside which was cold and a drop of sweat came on Sufeng Hwang skin.

"Young lady must be feeling hot. Why not take off the fur."This man suggested. He was in his late twenties and had a light moustache. He was clad in violet and his eyes were suspicious of the lady looking at him.

"I am fine". Sufeng Hwang answered politely and sat down across the man.

"It is rare to see a lady come here. And at this early time of all."He paused as he sized Sufeng Hwang up"how may i help you??"

Sufeng Hwang gave him a slight smile"I come from the Sufeng household and am here on a trade."She stopped to take the tea that was been offered to her from the man. The room was very dark and not a single light came through.

"Sufeng huh??? You must be family?? Servant?? Are you the Generals daughter??"The man asked as he sipped his tea.

Placing the cup without taking a sip Of her drink "Matters not". The man shook his head"It does. Daughter Sufeng you roaming around a dangerous place like this. Far from home. Any harm can come to you in here and never will you be found."Sufeng Hwang did not know if he was trying to intimidate her or what he was doing but she brushed off the taught and feeling that crept up her skin.

She picked the cup"Manager Pei is a gentleman. This Sufeng daughter fears not."She placed it back without taking a drink. Manager Pei was taken aback. No one within the entire Wang Province knew that he lived here. Nor that he ran this place. He could only feel cautious and wondered on her actions. For once in a while she would pick the cup and without a sip place it back down. He wondered what she was thinking. Sufeng Hwang knew who she was talking to. She was talking to the son of the most renowned most scholarly person in the entire Zhang Empire. No matter what needs be said she needed to think of what she was saying. She had known him in her past life and how fore sighted he was."Indeed one is the daughter of General Sufeng Ling. Lady Sufeng trusts this lord. This lord wishes to know how he could help thee."He wished to ask her how she knew his name. And also his personality but he kept it to himself. Certain things are best not known and if He is to be made aware he shall be."The Sufeng Family serves only

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