Kingofeverything Naruto;The Power of the Western Empire
what if minato and kushina are alive what if naruto was a female what if they abandoned naruto to train mito and memma what if she was banished what if mc was transported to the naruto world what if they met what if they fell in love and got married what if anime movies books and tvshows exist in the west what if they became king and queen journey in this book as they deal...
Darek World of Fantasy and Technology
a boy who has a lot to do in the fantasy world I USE TRANSLATOR
tyshnizta08 Rebirth of the Little Military Wife
With her husband and cousin scheme, Tang Huai lost her life. Once again, she was reborn. In this world, Tang Huai polished her eyes to see people for who they are, and kick the slag man, and tear her cousin's white lotus facade. Some sergeant broke into her bedroom: "I am the one you can't let go!" It’s time to let everyone know how amazing she is. ************ Author's Note: Updates...
emxzh A Lotus to Remember You
She looked him straight in the eyes. "I'm sorry, but my heart belongs to another." He cocked his head to the side, a wolfish grin spreading over his lips. "Really?" Leaning forward he whispered, "I can change your mind." A dirt-poor village girl is swept into a whole new world when she is taken into the Emperor's harem, leaving behind her home and her brooding lover, Wu. Now she must face the dramas...
Drunken_moon A vampires first love
It's a love story about a girl who see the same boy everyday she talks to him when she notices he might be cold and offers a jacket and right as she said that sentence there fate was tied together.